What is the Stark Affiliate Program?

The Stark Affiliate Program (opens in a new tab) pays you for sending your friends/customers to our website. Each STARK domain holder has its own affiliate link. As an Affiliate, you will be able to promote Starknet ID domains and get a commission on each domain sales made with your affiliate link. Earn up to 50% of commission on every sales made with your affiliate link!

How to use your affiliate link

Once you have registered your domain, you can get access to the affiliate space.

1/ Go to the Affiliate Space (opens in a new tab)


2/ Share your affiliate link

3/ Claim your rewards


Multilevel Affiliation

The more individuals you directly refer, the greater your affiliate network and potential earnings become.



Is the affiliate system permisionless and trustless?

Yes, everyone can participate by just owning a stark domain and all the logic takes place on-chain so you don't have to trust any centralized entity.

How much do I get paid?

You'll earn 25% of commission on every sales made with your affiliate link but that's not all. If your sub-affiliates make sales with their own affiliate links you'll earn 12.5% of commission on every sales made with their affiliate link (and they'll keep their 25% share).

How and when can I claim my commission?

You can claim your commission directly through this page by clicking on the claim button or from the smart contract directly. The amount should be superior to 0.1 ETH to initiate a withdraw.

What happens if someone clicks my link but buy later?

Your affiliate address is stored in the user's browser for 7 days. If they make a purchase within that time, you will receive the commission. However if they click another affiliate's link, the new affiliate will receive the commission.