Stark Naming System

Stark Naming System

The Stark Naming System relies on a naming smartcontract and an encoding system to support the resolving of unique names into data on Starknet.

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Encoding System

The encoding system converts a string, which represents a unique name, into a Starknet FieldElement. This conversion ensures names remain unique post encoding.

For detailed information on the encoding system, refer to the Encoding System documentation.

Naming Contract

The Naming Contract resolves an encoded domain to a Starknet identity and subsequently extracts the specified data.

Starknet Native Address Resolution

For Starknet native addresses, specific resolution rules apply:

  1. The system initially reads the 'starknet' field within the user namespace of the identity NFT.
  2. If there's a direct mapping on the naming contract or a designated resolver that overrides this, that data is used.
  3. In the absence of both, the NFT owner's address is returned.

Starknet Native Address Resolution

Reverse Resolving

Reverse resolving identifies the domain associated with an address by:

  1. Querying the main Starknet ID associated with the user.
  2. Returning the linked domain if it reciprocates the association and isn't overridden by a reverse mapping.

Reverse Resolving

Contract Interface Overview

The naming contract provides the following key functions:

  • resolve: Converts a domain to its associated value for a given field.
  • domain_to_data: Retrieves comprehensive data linked to a domain.
  • domain_to_id: Translates a domain to its unique identifier.
  • domain_to_address: Converts a domain to its corresponding contract address.
  • address_to_domain: Resolves a contract address to its domain.
  • buy: Acquire a new domain or reassign an existing one.
  • renew: Extend the registration period of a domain.
  • transfer_domain: Change the ownership of a domain.
  • reset_subdomains: Reinitialize the subdomains of a domain.
  • Administrative functions, including set_admin, claim_balance, set_discount, set_pricing_contract, set_referral_contract, and upgrade.

For a thorough understanding of the functions and their parameters, please refer to the source code (opens in a new tab).

Deployed Contracts

Here are the contract addresses and their links to the respective blockchain explorers: