Starknet ID


What is Starknet.ID?

Starknet.ID is an identity provider on Starknet. The protocol allows you to create your Starknet Identity (that can be seen as your on-chain passport) and to attach things to it. First, you can register ".stark" human-readable domains on your starknet identity that will be used as your Starknet username.

A naming service but it's not only that ...

The grand vision behind is that someday, in a society where web3 has permeated the mainstream, a person’s can provide a reliable and comprehensive “digital identity”, in contrast to the unreliable self-issued credentials that we decorate our LinkedIn pages and job resumes with.
Currently, we want to focus on the starknet ecosystem, our goal is to build a decentralized identity service that can be used by all the starknet protocols as an on-chain profile where you can find all the information concerning a person's identity on Starknet.
A virgin starknet identity vs a customized identity
Let’s take an example.
The developer bobby.stark contributes to the starknet ecosystem by writing some useful code.
To reward him the foundation can give him money, but can also give him a SBT (non-transferrable NFT) that proves that his work was a success. This SBT could then act as reference on his digital resume for him to find jobs on other starknet projects.
It works with dev contributions but the possibilities are endless:
Education: Those who cannot afford an expensive university degree can prove their educational credentials through SBTs displayed on their and obtained from avenues of informal learning
Banking: Loan applicants can prove their trustworthiness through the absence of bad credit history, or by showcasing their good reputation through an SBT collection, removing the need for capital-inefficient overcollaterization models commonly used in DeFi (Upon repayment of the loan, another SBT could be issued as proof of repayment)
Governance: DAOs can improve their collective decision-making systems by safeguarding against whales (you can’t buy a SBT). DAOs can also avert a tyranny of the majority consensus through a more inclusive voting system design by issuing SBTs to trusted outsiders.

Want to use Starknet.ID?

Want to support Starknet.ID naming on your DAPP?

Check out Trustless domain integration if you want to use a Starknet RPC or API domain integration if you prefer to rely on our indexer.
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