Starknet ID


What is Starknet.ID?

The primary objective of the StarkNet ID protocol is to serve as a versatile passport for StarkNet, enabling users to seamlessly store and share their desired data within the StarkNet ecosystem while allowing various protocols to efficiently access and utilize this information.
Within the ecosystem, the StarkNet identity simplifies data access for protocols by eliminating the need for users to repeatedly provide their information. Instead, protocols can directly access the data stored within the user's StarkNet ID, streamlining the process for all parties involved.
A virgin starknet identity vs a customized identity
Example: If a user registers a name and identity, every protocol will share the info and could display it instead of asking him to set his username again on their app.

Want to use Starknet.ID?

Want to support Starknet.ID naming on your DAPP?

Check out Trustless domain integration if you want to use a Starknet RPC or API domain integration if you prefer to rely on our indexer.
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