StarkNet.ID Documentation

Welcome to the StarkNet.ID documentation. Whether you're a user wanting to get started, a developer aiming to integrate with the StarkNet.ID ecosystem, or someone curious about the architecture, you've come to the right place!

What is StarkNet.ID?

StarkNet.ID serves as a versatile passport for StarkNet, facilitating seamless storage and sharing of user-specific data within the StarkNet ecosystem. This robust identity protocol allows various Starknet app to access and utilize user information effortlessly, enhancing the overall user experience.

StarkNet.ID Illustration

When a user registers a stark name with StarkNet.ID, this information is accessible across different all the Starknet Ecosystem. This means that every app will share the Starknet ID info and could use/display it instead of asking users to create their profile again.

How to Navigate the Docs?

  • For Users: Understand how to use the website, create an ID, and mint a domain. Ideal if you're looking to explore the StarkNet.ID platform and its features.

  • For Developers: Dive deep into integrating StarkNet.ID into your dApp and making it compatible with Stark domains. Perfect for developers eager to leverage the StarkNet.ID ecosystem.

  • Architecture: Curious about the intricacies? Explore how the StarkNet.ID ecosystem is structured and the underlying technology.

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