Frequently asked question

What is ? is an identity and naming protocol built on top of Starknet that will permit you to register native .stark domains to Starknet (like .eth domains on ethereum). Starknet id have a different team than the Starknet/Starkware team and we're not affiliated with them.

What is the difference between an identity and a domain ?

An identity is an NFT that everyone can mint for free. It represents your Starknet passport or profile. You'll be able to link your profile data to this identity, for example you can link a .stark domain to the identity you just minted. If you do then you'll have an identity linked with a domain and it'll be usable in our partners apps.


Do I need ETH to register a domain on mainnet ?

Yes, you’ll need to bridge some ETH to starknet

How do I register a stark name on mainnet ?

You can go to (opens in a new tab)

How do I bridge to starknet ?

You can use Orbiter Finance (opens in a new tab) to bridge from all the popular blockchains or you can use the official Starknet Bridge (opens in a new tab) (from ethereum only).

Are testnet domains transferrable to mainnet ?

No, if you want a domain on mainnet you’ll have to register it on mainnet.

Airdrop related questions

We won't answer any airdrop-related questions.

Why does it take several hours to bridge ?

The bridging process can take a long time. You generally have to wait some hours for your funds to arrive but they will arrive don't worry. If you have more questions about it you can ask them in the Official Starknet Discord (opens in a new tab).

What is the price of a domain ?

1,2, 3, and 4 characters names have higher pricing to reflect the small number of these names available and to prevent squatting, 5+ letters domains are way cheaper.


Prices updated on 14/04/2023