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Stark clubs

What is a stark club ?

A stark club is an association of people that own a particular category of “.stark” domain.
Example: 999 Club is the club that contains all the owners of the 001.stark, 002.stark … 999.stark. wants to bring more value to its most popular “clubs” by giving them access to exclusive features, free NFTs collections, discord roles, or even exclusive merch.
As is fully open source and permissionless, other projects could create their own clubs on top of .stark domains and bring value to its club members.

How to enter a root domain club ?

To enter a club and get all the benefits associated with it, you simply have to own a .stark domain that fits certain criteria.
Here are the most popular stark clubs at the moment :
  • 1 Letter Club Member - Own a one letter .stark domain
  • 999 Club Member - Own a 999 club .stark domain
  • 2 Letters Club Member - Own a two letters .stark domain
  • 10K Club Member - Own a 10K club .stark domain
  • 3 Letters Club Member - Own a three letters .stark domain
  • 100K Club Member - Own a 100K club .stark domain
  • 4 Letters Club Member - Own a four letters .stark domain

How to enter a subdomain club ?

To enter a club you can also use subdomains issued by partner projects.
In fact, projects that will implement our subdomain system will be able to give to their community subdomains for free ! Here is how it works.
Imagine that a project like Aave wants to reward its best users for participating in the community or using the products. In order to do so in a cool way, they could give custom subdomains to their best users for free.
Example: john.aave.stark, vitalik.aave.stark ...
Owning such a domain will allow you to enter the Aave stark club, a club that could represent the community of active Aave contributors and users. Aave could choose to give different benefits to their club members, such as access to new products in advance, free tokens, free NFTs, health factor advantages ...