Starknet ID

Partners and Integrations

The utility of an identity or a naming service depends on the numbers and the popularity of its integrations. We'll list here all the different partners and integration that support starknet ID domains or identity services.

Starknet Ecosystem Partners :

Braavos is supporting stark domains to send and receive tokens, addresses resolve to stark domains, and the profile pic associated with it. You can also register a braavos.stark subdomain directly in the app.
A screenshot of the Braavos wallet using stark domain
Starkscan is supporting stark domains, in starkscan you can see if a domain resolve to any contract and you can also search for a contract using stark domains.
Example of a research using stark domaind on starkscan
Example of address resolving on Starkscan
Starknet.js is supporting for developers to query our contract easily.
get the address and stark names directly using starknet.js
Mintsquare is supporting stark domains.
Example of
You can use special filters for trading stark domains on Mintsquare
JediSwap is supporting stark domains, you can see your domain easily on the app just after you connected.
JediSwap integration of stark domain
Realms is supporting stark domains.
Stark domains used as Gamer tags in Realms
10KSwap is supporting stark domains.
Stark domains displayed on 10Kswap
Nostra Finance is supporting stark domains.
A stark domain displayed on
Early Starkers every holder of this NFT collection got a free domain.
Carbonable is supporting stark domain and will create its own subdomain club.
The first integration of Carbonable
Briq is supporting stark domains.
A stark domain displayed on briq 2.0.4 version
OnlyDust is helping starknet id to deliver public goods based on domain registration.
One repository we're building with onlydust
Cartridge will support identity creation and subdomain clubs.
Frenslands will support stark domains and create a subdomain club (when they will be live).
Focus Tree will support domains and subdomain clubs (when they will be live).
Influence will support domains and subdomain clubs in the future.