Starknet ID

Get a stark domain on mainnet (Register from starknet)

To get a stark domain on starknet mainnet you'll have two solutions :
1° Register from Starknet
2° Register from Ethereum (You'll pay from ethereum but your domain will be on starknet mainnet) This page is a tutorial to register your domain from Starknet (solution 1).

1° Register from Starknet mainnet

Here are the prerequisites :
1) Have ETH on starknet mainnet (Here is a tutorial on how to bridge).
2) Have a starknet wallet connected to starknet mainnet : Braavos or Argent-X.
Step 1 : Go to and connect your starknet wallet.
Step 2 : Type the domain that you want and check its availability
The domain example.stark is available
Step 3 : Click on the domain box, check the details of your registration, and change it if needed (number of years and redirection address of the domain).
Change these details if needed
Step 4 : Choose a starknet identity that you want to link with your domain. If you do not have one, choose "Mint a new"
A is not necessarily linked with a domain
Step 5 : Verify the price and click "Register from L2".
The price of "example.stark" is 0.009 ETH (= 12$)
Step 6 : The transaction will appear in your wallet. Click "Approve" or "Sign" and wait for the transaction to pass. You can check the status of your transaction using or It might take some time, please be aware that starknet is still in alpha right now.
Once the transactions are passed you should be able to see your domains on
An example of a wallet with several domains